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Baby Registry Checklist: 10 Baby Products I Wish I’d Asked For

Making a little person and bringing them into the world are two of the most overwhelming things that can happen. The sheer quantity of options can seem overwhelming to new parents when attempting to decide what they need to include on their list of baby registry items in order to be ready for anything this new baby life will throw at them, not to mention all of the different options for each of those “essentials.”

For this small creature you haven’t yet met, there are a plethora of possibilities for your baby registry checklist, including sleep sacks, diaper bag alternatives, bottles, pacifiers, and bassinets. It’s challenging to determine the

The items you spend hours fussing about won’t actually be as significant as you think they are once your new baby is born. Babies only actually require a few things—food, clothing, diapers, and a secure place to sleep—and each one is unique and has varied needs. Are any of these things actually required? No. Here are 10 baby registry essentials that proved to be crucial to my parenting experience and that I wish I had known to register for rather than rushing to buy on Amazon in those early weeks.

What are some items for a baby that you wish you had registered for? Post a comment with your message. You can also check out our picks for the best diapers, best baby monitors, best car seats and best baby clothes. 

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