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I’m a mom/baby nurse of over 8 years and a certified lactation counselor! I created a safe space surrounding all things motherhood through my business: Karing for Postpartum LLC. Buy Real Karrie Locher Merch Here

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We spend so much time getting ready for the baby, setting up their room, and making sure we can meet their requirements, but what about us? the mom. Everything begins with you. I wanted to design a range of products that you can use and display with pride, reminding you that you’re more than just a typical mother—you’re a hip mother.

Even during those late, sleepless nights or hectic days loaded with errands, I wanted moms to feel strong and enthusiastic about parenting! I think these gifts are the ideal tribute to parenthood, and I would adore seeing you use or wear them!

About Karrie

I am a mother of four, a licensed lactation counselor, and a postpartum and neonatal nurse. When I had my first child, I believed that taking him home would be a breeze. Warning: It wasn’t. Karing for Postpartum is the tool I wish I had, so I made it. In order to help you feel capable and secure throughout this wild journey known as parenting, I’m combining my years of experience as a mom/baby nurse with my own personal experience raising four babies.

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